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Sega Sonic character The home of   The Sega R-360 Preservation Project   by: Kevin R. Keinert

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link to my R360 page The Sega R-360 Preservation Project
This link is dedicated to the largest game in my collection, the R360 Flight Simulator. Built by Sega from 1991 to 1994, it is (in my opinion) one of the greatest arcade games that they ever produced. This website shows the R360 machines in my collection and describes the units that I have for sale. I will always be looking to buy these machines in the future. So if you know where any might be (for sale or not, working or not, complete or parts), please send me an E-mail.

link to my repair page Repair and Restoration Services
I can provide a quote for anything from minor repairs to complete "Grade-1" restorations. My abilities include solid state and electromechanical repairs. I repair solid state and vacuum tube amplifiers for jukeboxes and antique radios including Atwater Kent, Philco, RCA and Zenith. I can also repair other items like antique clocks, phonographs, music boxes and Lionel trains. I hold a degree in Electronics and teach the same at my local community college. I troubleshoot down to the component level using the oscilloscope, signal generators and other test equipment in my repair shop. In addition, I was a "tool and die" machinist at my first job in the 1980s. I have a metal lathe, mill, gas and arc welders, and a full array of wood working tools in my shop. I can manufacture many metal, wood and plastic parts that are no longer available for your machine. My labor rate is $95 per hour for all services plus parts and materials. Click on the link above to see a sample of restorations that I have done for customers over the years.

link to my collection page Pictures of My Collection
Here are just a few of the items in my collection. I have been collecting and restoring for over 27 years. Everything shown here has been restored by me. The collection includes jukeboxes, pinball machines, arcade and video games, antique clocks, slot machines and scales, Edison cylinder and Victrola phonographs, Atwater Kent and Zenith vacuum tube radios, Lionel O-gauge trains, gumball machines and trade stimulators, a 1956 Chevy Bel-Air and a 1958 Edsel Citation. My collection of mechanical musical instruments include a 1914 Wurlitzer orchestrion which is a player piano with 7 instruments inside. I also own a Violano which plays a real violin and is accompanied by a 44 note piano. My interests are many, but there is a common "collecting theme" that ties them all together,
they all collect dust.....

link to my parts for sale page Integrated Circuits For Sale
I have many "hard-to-find" integated circuits, used in vintage arcade games. All are "New Old Stock" (NOS). This webpage specializes in sound and speech synthesizer chips. I also have the ability to special order IC chips that you just can't seem to find anywhere else, but there is usually a minimum order required. Click on this link for more details.

link to my Edsel page My 1958 Edsel Citation (The "58 FLOP")
This link contains pictures and information on my 1958 Edsel Citation that I purchased in May, 2004. The car was originally won in a 1958 contest by the Simmons Mattress Company. The details can be seen at the link above. "Why call it 58 FLOP" you might ask? Introduced in 1958, this car was the biggest marketing mistake in Ford's history. A huge amount of money was spent to develop and market the car and very few were sold (hence, it "flopped"). After only three years (1958, 59 and 60), the Edsel car line was discontinued. Entire books have been written which document the many reasons why the Edsel failed. Any attempt to summarize that chain of events here, would not fully describe the fiasco. I will give you one tidbit though, the car's failure was caused by far more than just its looks. Some customers (in the '50s) actually liked the way it looked!

link to my Solar Electric Project My Solar Electric Project
This site shows the grid-tied solar system that I designed and installed in the summer of 2010. Since its connection to the grid, this system has generated enough electricity to supply the needs of my household, and generate a surplus each month that I sell back to my local electric company. The heart of the system is an SMA brand Sunny Boy SB7000US Inverter. SMA sells a portable hand-held monitoring device, called the Sunny Beam, that shows you how well the system is performing. This device however, only displays a graph for the current and previous days. If you want to see a graph for a single day that occurred weeks or months ago, you're out of luck. The Summy Beam does store each day's performance as a CSV file that Microsoft Excel can read. So I wrote three Visual Basic macro programs that graph the solar system's performance for any desired day, month, or year. Follow this link for more details.

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